I think love is like a stream. I think love is like a stream the river. I want to cupture for your rhythm of your story. 

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Oversea shooting plan
Since the price will change depending on the shooting place and time, please contact us first.



1day oversea plan : JPY 150,000-
2days oversea plan : JPY 280,000-

-Package included

▷ Shooting fee.
▷ At least 800 photos~.
▷ Modify the brightness and the color balance of all the photos.
▷ Photo slide show with music online.
▷ Wi-fi rental(poket)
 * Package not including my bussines trip fee from Tokyo. It is change depend on country and terms.

It is optional.

We can provide high quality album for your oversea story. It is become tresure for your life time.
Please contact me about make album rate.
It is starting JPY 60,000-



It is including packages.