I think love is like a stream. I think love is like a stream the river. I want to cupture for your rhythm of your story. 

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Oversea shooting plan
Since the price will change depending on the shooting place and time, please contact us first.



1day oversea plan : JPY 200,000-
2days oversea plan : JPY 368,000-

-Package included

▷ Shooting fee.
▷ At least 800 photos~.
▷ Modify the brightness and the color balance of all the photos.
▷ Photo slide show with music online.
▷ Wi-fi rental(poket)
※Please note that the price does not include my travel expenses and local accommodation expenses.

It is optional.

High quality and high specialty


I recommend leaving important memories in an album. Although the storage of data alone will not last for 10 years, albums can tell important stories to your children and grandchildren. You will definitely want to look back at the album.

ウェディングアルバム作成 ブライダルアルバム ウェディングアルバム作成

It is including packages.

Shinji Morita

Vacation and prewedding photographer based in Tokyo. Hokkaido, Okinawa, Osaka, kyoto, Nara, Oversea, I can travel anywhere you want.
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